Keeping Pet Ashes at Home and Other Options

The common thread in the stories that follow is that all these people found satisfying ways to honor their pets.
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5 Ways Children Can Memorialize a Pet and What to Say about Death

Whether you decide to cremate or bury your pet, or simply have a memorial, your child can participate. In this blog, we offer five ways a child can participate in memorializing a pet, and we discuss how to talk to children of various ages about a pet’s death.
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Memorial Pet Cremation Urns for Large and Small Animals

A family pet, often thought of as a dog or cat, can also include a horse, bird or even a hamster or snake. Pet memorial services offer a dignified way to honor the beloved pet. Another option is to keep the pet’s ash remains (cremains) in a notable animal urn for ashes or memorial keepsake.
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